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TEAGUE Multi Chokes

The choice of all the major bespoke gunmakers in Great Britain who offer the multi choke variation for their game and sporting guns, TEAGUE thin walled shotgun chokes are world-renowed for their superb patterning. It's why winners of numerous shooting championships, including recent Olympic gold medallists, also rely on TEAGUE thin walled chokes.


Barrel Improvement

As many of our customers have found, there are a range of improvements that can be made to their shotgun barrels which will result in dramatically improved performance and consistency. These include barrel porting, lengthening and polishing the forcing cones and chamber resleeving - all of which can be undertaken by our time-served, expert craftsmen.


Patterning & Regulations

Every successful sportsmen understands that consistency and confidence almost invariably start with correct patterning and regulation. At TEAGUE we offer a comprehensive range of patterning and regulation services to minimise the guesswork and make you a better shot in every situation.

Aftermarket Chokes

Aftermarket Chokes

TEAGUE offers a complete range of aftermarket shotgun chokes to fit all major brands of shotgun, from Beretta and Browning through to Winchester and Zoli. All our aftermarket chokes are engineered with the same care and attention to detail as the thin walled chokes for which TEAGUE is famous.


Ian Coley MBE
Olympic team instructor

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