Barrel Improvement

Quite simply, I trust TEAGUE to get it right every time 

Stephen Pinker

Owner/Manager of the Patrick Pinker Group Ltd

Forcing cones - lengthened and polished

The forcing cone is the taper from the end of the chamber to the internal bore of the shotgun. On lengthening and polishing this area, less recoil will be experienced with slightly lessened muzzle flip. It can also result in an improved pattern quality. This can be modified in 12 - 16 - 20 gauge shotguns. If lengthened this process requires reproofing

Chamber resleeving

This process is designed for rusted and worn chambers both in 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns. Other gauges can also be modified - please enquire. It involves boring out the chambers accurately and fitting a stainless steel insert, which blends into the original forcing cone of the barrel. In normal circumstances, existing extractors will not need not be replaced unless worn. On completion the shotgun will need to be proof tested, and the barrels under the forend will be engraved sleeved chambers.


Bore and chamber polishing

This process removes pitting, rivelling or excessive fouling in the bore or chambers caused by a lack of maintenance and care. Benefits of this process can aid cartridge extraction from the chambers and improve the internal health status of the bores. The gun does not need to be reproof tested.


Barrel Improvement