About TEAGUE Precision Chokes

Exacting standards, Exceptional performance

Denton Davey

Northern Ireland DTL/ABT Team Member

TEAGUE Precision Chokes

When our founder first introduced his precision shotgun chokes in 1980, he could only have guessed at the impact his ideas would go on to make in the world of shooting. Drawing on his experience both as a lifelong sportsman and as the engineer chiefly responsible for quality within a division of Rolls Royce, Nigel Teague set out with a compelling vision: to create a lightweight, thin walled, interchangeable choke system that would be unsurpassed in every respect. 


Over 30 years later and with the system fitted to more than 27,000 guns, the TEAGUE company has stayed true to this vision and is today synonymous with the highest standards of design, engineering and performance. Which is why, for the world’s leading gunmakers and serious shots alike, the TEAGUE name is trusted to deliver what it promises. 

TEAGUE workers

The small but very skilled team at TEAGUE Precision Chokes. Ivan Reid, Richard Blackburn, Steve Hudson, Steve Matthews, Nigel Hankey & Rachel Bull.