Choke finder

We can guide you through the steps to find the right choke for your shotgun


Has your gun been retro-fitted with a TEAGUE Multi Chokes system?

If we have multi choked your gun, the chokes will have laser/etched markings showing the gun make and the numbers in the gun serial number. For example; a Miroku with serial no. 77205NP would be marked with M.77205


i.e 12g, 20g, 28g - If you are unsure, this will be on your shotgun licence or under the barrels on the monobloc.

Please select your Gun Manufacturer and Model

The manufacturer and model of your gun would be found underneath/at the side of your action, on your shotgun licence or on your warranty leaflet.
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Gun manufacturer & Model would be found underneith or at the side of the action of your gun


Choke Length Popup Image
Please measure the section of your choke (mm) which fits internally in the gun - so not including any extension where possible.

Bore Size

The size of your bore is stamped on each barrel tube during proof, and will be clearly visible if you remove the barrels from your gun.