Patterning and Regulation

TEAGUE is always searching for pattern perfection

Chris Cradock

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Why patterning matters

At TEAGUE, we want to help you consistently achieve the very best pattern of shot at any given distance. To this end, the patterning process provides detailed information on which we can base our recommendations for adjustments or improvements to the gun. Assessing your gun’s performance in this way also helps take the guesswork out of choosing the optimum load, pellet and choke combination.

The pattern of a gun

Whilst the choke plays a key role in determining the pattern of shot thrown by a shotgun, there are several other factors to consider, including cartridge selection, the forcing cone and bore size. The only reliable way to determine how these factors affect a gun’s performance is by patterning the gun. 


The process involves shooting the gun with a specific make and load of cartridge at ‘pattern plates’ which are set at a specified distance. Different makes and loads of cartridge will produce a different pattern through the same gun and choke at the same distance. When completed, the process provides an accurate picture of how the gun performs at various distances, using different chokes and cartridges.

The pattern plate

A pattern plate, like the one shown here, will reveal the point of impact of each individual pellet of shot and as well as the complete pattern of shot thrown by the gun, at the specific distance it was shot. We then calculate the percentage and distribution of shot within the circle (which is normally 30 inches in diameter) at a given distance and this then used to provide the choke definition.

Maximum and minimum bores achievable

As a handy reference, this table shows the maximum and minimum of choke achievable with with TEAGUE Precision Chokes across a range of standard bores.

Choke selection guide

As a general guide to the pattern you can expect from shooting with different TEAGUE choke constrictions, please refer to the table opposite. 


For more specific guidance on choke selection, or to discuss your requirements for bespoke precision chokes, please contact us.


Patterning & Regulation

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