TEAGUE Multi Chokes

It's fair to say, TEAGUE Thin Walled Chokes
completely revolutionised the multi choking of guns

Ian Coley MBE, Ian Coley Sporting


The Invisible Multi Choke

TEAGUE were the first company to introduce a thin walled choke system that easily adapts any fixed choke side by side or over and under shotgun barrel to a multi-choke system gun. We can even fit multi chokes to Damascus barreled guns.

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Invisible multi choke


Trusted by the greatest gunmakers and sportsmen

It's reassuring to know TEAGUE thin walled shotgun chokes are the choice of all the major bespoke gunmakers in Great Britain who offer the multi choke variation for their game and sporting guns. The winners of numerous shooting championships, including recent Olympic gold medallists, also rely on TEAGUE chokes to help them perform to the highest level - even under intense pressure.

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The balance and look of the gun is unchanged

TEAGUE thin walled shotgun chokes add a minimal amount of weight to the muzzle of the gun and this can be easily compensated for if required. Externally, when a gun is fitted with TEAGUE thin walled chokes, the look and lines remain unchanged.

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Thin walled choke
Precision choke size matching

Every choke is matched to the gun's bore size

To ensure each choke restriction provides the optimum match for the corresponding bore size, TEAGUE thin walled chokes are individually made and fitted by hand for each and every gun. This method alone results in the most perfect pattern possible.

Every gun is proof tested and hand finished

Every gun fitted with the TEAGUE thin wall choke system is proof tested to comply with regulations and provide complete peace of mind. Each gun is individually hand finished, the bores are lapped, the muzzles are polished and the individual choke tubes are laser marked to match the serial number of the gun.

Every gun fitting tested at Teague
We pride ourselves on our delivery and service.

Due to the current pandemic there may be delays - please allow 3-4 weeks for turnaround. Thank you for your patience.

We take pride in our prompt service and delivery

We understand that you don’t want to be without your gun for a long time. With this in mind, we offer a rapid turnaround on fitting our thin walled choke system. We can arrange collection from your local RFD on any weekday and our aim is to return the gun to your local RFD within 2-3 weeks. For added reassurance, all carriage is provided by Parcel Force who are the registered shippers for the gun trade association.

£156.00inc vat (including reproof excluding chokes & accessories)
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