Teague Thin Walled Chokes

Our founder, Nigel Teague, first introduced his precision shotgun chokes to the world of shooting in 1980. His chokes were at the forefront of innovation as they tapered all the way through to deliver consistently tighter patterns – no matter the distance.

Teague chokes are thin-walled, lightweight and interchangeable. They are made from aerospace grade high-tensile stainless steel, and are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Our chokes are made to precise bore sizes and are hand-checked by experts to guarantee a perfect fit.

Thirty years have passed since Nigel Teague transformed the shotgun chokes industry, and Teague Chokes maintains his legacy by delivering the highest standards of design, engineering and performance – which is why we remain the preferred choice of chokes for the world’s leading gunmakers and serious shots.

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