Teague Choke Grease Now Available

We now have our TEAGUE choke grease in stock, available in easy to use 10ml tubes.

Teague Chokes_Choke Grease_Front

This is the grease we recommend our customers apply to their chokes before screwing into their gun barrels. It is specifically made for applications in high pressure and heat environments, whilst also being resistant to water. We've tried different lubricants over many years and this is the one we've found to be the best for use.

We remove many seized chokes from barrels every year, and this can often be prevented by proper use of choke grease, grease should always be used on chokes as part of your proper gun care ritual.

Please visit our website now to purchase, or ask at your local stockists.


Teague Chokes_Choke Grease_Back

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