Nigel Hankey Retires

Today was Nigel Hankey's last day at TEAGUE, after deciding a few months ago to retire.

Nigel was hired by Nigel Teague in October 2000, but worked with the company prior to this through his previous employer. He played a key role in the development of the products and services we are known for, so everyone at TEAGUE is sad to see him go, as we are losing someone who was vital to getting the business to where it is today.

I'm sure the customers who have had the pleasure of meeting Nigel will also miss him as he was always very helpful and knowledgeable if you had problems or queries with your guns.

In his last two months, one of Nigel's roles has been to train our new employee, Oliver Greener, who has started with an apprenticeship with us. Oliver is the great grandson of the gun maker W.W. Greener, so we were glad to hire him as working with guns is his family trade.  He's enthusiastic and eager to learn so we have every confidence in him becoming a valuable member of the TEAGUE team.

Nigel working on a gun while Oliver watches fervently.

We wish Nigel all the best in his retirement and hope he enjoys it as much as he seemed to enjoy his job!

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