• More photographs from our sponsored shooters day


    Teague_Precision_Chokes - Simon WardTeague_Precision_Chokes - Brett_WinstanleyTeague_Precision_Chokes - Aaron Eccleston Teague_Precision_Chokes - Christopher OrchardTeague_Precision_Chokes - George Townsend Teague_Precision_Chokes - Henry Collins Teague_Precision_Chokes - James Bradley-Day Teague_Precision_Chokes - Pattern Plate

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  • Josh Brown joins the TEAGUE Precision Chokes Team

    Josh Brown started his first week with us on Monday at our workshop in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

    After advertising a sales advisor role recently, we spoke to several good applicants who all had the relevant knowledge and experience to do well in the role. We decided Josh suited the role best, he is enthusiastic about the brand, knowledgeable of the sport and has a good understanding of our products and services.

    Many of our customers may already know Josh from his previous job at Barbury Shooting School, he is also well known in the sport and shoots at many events. He most recently won the Junior British Open Sportrap last weekend, was part of the team in 3rd for The Junior World FITASC championships in July, and won the English Open Junior FITASC in April. We look forward to supporting Josh to more successes in the future.

    Hopefully Josh remains with us for a long time and we're sure he will offer all the assistance he can to our customers to improve their shooting through our products and services. If you see him at an event, please be sure to put his TEAGUE product knowledge to the test!

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  • Teague Choke Grease Now Available

    We now have our TEAGUE choke grease in stock, available in easy to use 10ml tubes.

    Teague Chokes_Choke Grease_Front

    This is the grease we recommend our customers apply to their chokes before screwing into their gun barrels. It is specifically made for applications in high pressure and heat environments, whilst also being resistant to water. We've tried different lubricants over many years and this is the one we've found to be the best for use.

    We remove many seized chokes from barrels every year, and this can often be prevented by proper use of choke grease, grease should always be used on chokes as part of your proper gun care ritual.

    Please visit our website now to purchase, or ask at your local stockists.

    Teague Chokes_Choke Grease_Back

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  • TEAGUE Sponsored Shooters

    It's now been just under a year since we have moved into our new premises, and now we've settled in we took the opportunity to invite some of the young shooters we sponsor to visit the premises last week. Behind every choke we make there is a lot of knowledge, experience and expertise which our customers benefit from, and we wanted the sponsored shooters to get an insight into this, and understand how we can help give them the edge to compete.

    Sponsored shots from left to right; Craig , George Townsend, Henry Collins, James Bradley-Day, Amy Easeman, Aaron Eccleston Sponsored shots from left to right; Christopher Orchard, George Townsend, Henry Collins, James Bradley-Day, Amy Easeman and Aaron Eccleston

    As an ambassador for the TEAGUE brand, top-rated shooting instructor Simon Ward also agreed to come for the day. Simon is an experienced shooter who believes in the benefits of multi-choked guns, and writes many articles for field sports magazines on issues such as gun-fit and shot patterns. Both Simon, and all of us at TEAGUE, are very keen to encourage more young shooters into the sport.

    TEAGUE_Precision_Chokes - Simon Ward

    On the day we started out in the workshop showing the shooters around, showing how we measure barrels for multi-choking, and how we correct barrels which are rarely produced perfectly concentric. Through our multi-choking process we correct this to thousands of an inch, which can make a big difference when shooting 40 yards out.

    TEAGUE Engineer, Rory Morgan, showing some of the shooters the precise tolerances our chokes are made to TEAGUE Engineer, Rory Morgan, showing some of the shooters the precise tolerances our chokes are made to

    Simon Ward then lead a session at our pattern plate for the shooters to see the effect and consistency our chokes have with different constrictions and distances.

    TEAGUE_Precision_Chokes - Pattern Plate

    TEAGUE_Precision_Chokes - Pattern Target

    Finally, after some refreshments, we finished the day shooting a few clay's over the road from the premises on the estate of our landlord, which they very kindly let us do.

    Thank's to Simon Ward and all of the sponsored shooters who came, we hope you enjoyed it and learned the benefits of the work we do to support your shooting. Please get in touch if you would like to visit us here at the workshop, especially as we now have the facility to pattern test with you to find your perfect choke.


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  • Nigel Hankey Retires

    Today was Nigel Hankey's last day at TEAGUE, after deciding a few months ago to retire.

    Nigel was hired by Nigel Teague in October 2000, but worked with the company prior to this through his previous employer. He played a key role in the development of the products and services we are known for, so everyone at TEAGUE is sad to see him go, as we are losing someone who was vital to getting the business to where it is today.

    I'm sure the customers who have had the pleasure of meeting Nigel will also miss him as he was always very helpful and knowledgeable if you had problems or queries with your guns.

    In his last two months, one of Nigel's roles has been to train our new employee, Oliver Greener, who has started with an apprenticeship with us. Oliver is the great grandson of the gun maker W.W. Greener, so we were glad to hire him as working with guns is his family trade.  He's enthusiastic and eager to learn so we have every confidence in him becoming a valuable member of the TEAGUE team.

    Nigel working on a gun while Oliver watches fervently.

    We wish Nigel all the best in his retirement and hope he enjoys it as much as he seemed to enjoy his job!

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  • We're Hiring....


    We're looking for a new member of staff to join us at Pinkney Park in Malmesbury in a sales role to help assist our customers with their requirements, and further promote our products and brand.

    Please see the job advert on indeed and either apply through there or send a cover letter and C.V. to [email protected]


    Please pass the link on if you know someone who may be interested.

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  • TEAGUE at World English Sporting Championship

    TEAGUE are at E.J. Churchill's Shooting Ground all this week for the World English Sporting Championship.

    Please come on the stand and say hello, our staff will be here to answer any questions you have, and we have a wide range of stock available to purchase through the E.J. Churchill shop.

    EJ Churchill World Championship

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  • Congratulations to Josh Brown


     Congratulations to Josh Brown who has just become the English Open Fitasc junior Champion 2016  The event was held at Southdown Gun Club on 24th April where he shot an amazing 120 out of 150 targets.  Everyone at Teague Precision Chokes are very proud to be associated with Josh and wish him well for the future....!


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  • TEAGUE Chokes now a Premier Pilla Stockist


    We have decided to become Pilla stockists as we believe glasses are a great complimentary to our chokes. Just like the right choke selection can improve the pattern, the right set of glasses and lenses can improve target registration speed providing the shooter that extra edge.

    We've been testing Pilla glasses over the past few weeks and believe they're the best glasses on the market currently for shooting and other sports. From the patented frames with their patented clip-on lens system, and counter balancing fork arms to take weight off the nose, to the Zeiss certified lenses providing a visually accurate picture allowing perfect focus to be on the target,

    Vision in shooting is important as the eye can only perform to its fullest with the right amount of light entering the eye, anything more or less strains the eye preventing proper focus to be achieved. Zeiss are recognised as the world leader in optics, and Pilla are the only sporting eyewear manufacturers to partner with Zeiss. Through this partnership they have pioneered light management with lenses.

    The Pilla Outlaw series are unrivalled in terms of sight picture, they provide an unobstructed visual field due to the lack of a front frame.


    The Pilla Panther series are the industry standard for clay shooting, a more narrow frame than the Outlaw with a high wrap and adjustable arms to fit comfortably.

    They are all available for sale on our website, with free next day delivery and can be returned within 14 days if you're not happy with them. Please contact us if you have any questions, or pay us a visit to our workshop and showroom in Wiltshire to try a pair on.

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  • TEAGUE Chokes at the Great British Shooting Show 2016

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