Gun Fitting

Gun fitting is an often forgotten necessity. The only way that a gun fit can be determined is by a recognised and experienced gun fitter seeing the client shoot the gun, and witnessing the pattern placement of a number of shots on a steel pattern plate. One shot at a piece of paper or wood does not prove anything

Ian Coley MBE, Olympic Team Instructor.

A complete gun fitting service is available

A properly fitting gun is the first and most important step to good shooting. An ill-fitting gun is not only uncomfortable in use, but more importantly, a significant impediment to enjoyable and successful shooting. At TEAGUE we have many years’ experience in assessing the many different factors and measurements that must each be given careful consideration to ensure a gun is correctly fitted. After making their detailed assessment, our expert gun fitters will recommend which adjustments are required and these measurements can then be implemented to your gun by our skilled craftsmen.

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