Due to the COVID-19 virus and the wellbeing of our staff, our workshops are now closed until further notice. Please do not attempt to send us guns for multi-choking. Our website is still operational and we will still be fulfilling orders as usual

I have a choke stuck/seized in my barrel, how can I get it out?

The first approach to this is to submerse the whole choke area of the barrels in a jar of diesel and soak for 24 hours, then try to remove the choke as normal with our taper key. If this doesn't work then the barrels should be returned to us where we may be able to remove the stuck choke with a reamer. As a last resort we can carefully machine the choke out from the gun without damaging the barrels or thread. To return the barrels to us please come during opening hours, arrange your own courier, or call us to arrange our courier collection service.
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