Rizzini Chokes

Teague Chokes manufactures 12 gauge shotgun chokes for Rizzini Long, Rizzini Short and Rizzini Type C systems. You can select chokes by constriction size and finish – the latter of which is available in aerospace grade high tensile stainless steel.

Our Rizzini chokes are precision-engineered using state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Unlike other aftermarket chokes, our chokes taper all the way through to provide a range of benefits including a longer shot string, improved hit rate and consistently even patterns. That’s why Teague Chokes is the preferred choice of chokes for Olympians and top ranking shooters in all disciplines of English sporting.

We strongly recommend regular maintenance of your gun and Rizzini chokes. choke grease should be applied to all chokes before inserting them into barrels. We also suggest using our tapered choke key to properly tighten chokes to ensure they are fully seated.

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