Renato Gamba Chokes

Teague Chokes manufactures 12 gauge shotgun chokes for the Renato Gamba system. They are available in aerospace grade high tensile stainless steel, and come in three choke types – extended, flush and ported.

Our Renato Gamba chokes are precision-engineered on cutting-edge CNC machinery, and are hand-inspected by quality assurance specialists to ensure a perfect fit.

Unlike other aftermarket chokes, our Renato Gamba chokes come with our unique Teague Tapered Technology. The chokes taper all the way through to provide a smooth transition from end to end, thereby delivering the very best shotgun pattern – no matter the distance.

The knurling on the top of the extended and ported chokes allows you to insert or remove the chokes with ease, though we recommend using our Tapered Choke Key to tighten the choke till it's fully seated – it’s designed to work with any of our chokes, no matter the type or brand.

Gun Manufacturer
  1. 12g (3)
Choke Type
  1. Extended (1)
  2. Flush (1)
  3. Ported (1)

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