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Now every sportsman can benefit from the precision of TEAGUE award-winning shotgun chokes

Nigel Teague, Founder of TEAGUE Precison Chokes.



At TEAGUE we believe in making it as easy as possible for every sportsman to benefit from our precision engineered chokes. Which is why, whatever your level of interest or accomplishment, you will find TEAGUE offers a complete range of aftermarket shotgun chokes to fit all major brands of shotgun. It’s also good to know, and as enthusiasts throughout the world will attest, TEAGUE aftermarket chokes are engineered in Britain with the same care and attention to detail as the thin walled chokes for which we are famous. All chokes are machined from high tensile stainless steel and are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery.

Consistent quality is assured

They are then inspected to exacting tolerances based on the synchronized precise bore size of the gun and the highest manufacturing standards ( ISO 9002 ). This process guarantees the quality for which TEAGUE Precision Chokes are known. TEAGUE Tapered Technology also means that the taper to the choke is the full length of the tube and this has proven advantages over lesser designs as the shot is smoothly constricted over a longer period. The benefits of this include less recoil, fewer deformed pellets, greater pattern consistency and better maintained shot velocity.

TEAGUE aftermarket shotgun chokes are available in 10 constriction sizes as well as bespoke sizes to order.

A variety of profiles

TEAGUE aftermarket chokes come in 5 standard configurations.

All 5 config
Teague Flush Choke


Our standard economy choke, great for all round use, fits flush with the muzzle.

Flush Chokes ›


Extended chokes protrude 12mm from the muzzle, easy to change chokes by hand, adds length to short barrels.

Extended Chokes ›
Teague Extended Choke
Teague Super Extended Choke

Super Extended

Up to 25mm extension with very little extra weight but creates longer barrel length to help achieve a controlled swing.

Super Extended Chokes ›


Ported Extended chokes are designed to hold the wad back and produce slightly more even patterns with reduced recoil and muzzle flip.

Ported Chokes ›
Teague Ported Choke
Teague Super Extended Ported Choke

Super Extended Ported

Does the same as the ported extended but also adds length to short barrels.

Super Extended Ported Chokes ›

£41.00inc vat

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