• I have a choke stuck/seized in my barrel, how can I get it out?
    The first approach to this is to submerse the whole choke area of the barrels in a jar of diesel and soak for 24 hours, then try to remove the choke as normal with our taper key. If this doesn't work then the barrels should be returned to us where we may be able to remove the stuck choke with a reamer. As a last resort we can carefully machine the choke out from the gun without damaging the barrels or thread. To return the barrels to us please come during opening hours, arrange your own courier, or call us to arrange our courier collection service.
  • Is my gun proofed for steel shot?

    To check if your gun is proofed for steel in the U.K. please look at the proof marks on your barrel. If there is a fleur de lys symbol on them, this means it has been proofed for steel. Please contact us with pictures of the proof mark if you need help identifying this symbol.

    If you would like your gun proofed for steel shot, we can arrange this for you. Please contact us to do so.

    Having your gun proofed for steel shot does not mean that your gun won’t suffer damage if you use steel shot, proofing just means the barrels are safe to fire steel shot loads through. It is common, particularly on older guns, that continuous use of steel shot through barrels can cause score marks inside in the barrel and eventually lead to irreparable damage. Newer models of chrome-lined barrels are less likely to be damaged. In any case, please speak to the manufacturer of the gun for advice.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are to use our chokes for steel, we recommend only going up to a ½ (Modified) choke. As a rule of thumb for converting choke constrictions when using steel please see the below table.

    Choke Conversion - Lead to Steel Shot
    Lead Shot Steel Shot
    Cylinder Cylinder
    1/4 (Imp. Cylinder) Skeet
    1/2 (Modified) 1/4 (Imp. Cylinder)
    3/4 (Imp. Modified) 3/8 (Light Mod)
    Full 1/2 (Modified)
  • Which shotgun choke has the tightest shot pattern?

    The tightest choke is an Extra Full which has a .045" choke, most often used for targets the furthest away

    Other choke sizes can be seen here - Choke Chart

  • Which shotgun choke is the most open?

    Traditionally the most open shotgun choke is a cylinder, which is straight and has no taper.

    We now do a "Super Cylinder" choke which is a negative taper so opens out further towards the end of the choke to create a wider spread of pattern.

    Other choke sizes can be seen here - Choke Chart

  • Will extended chokes pattern better than flush?
    Our chokes have a taper all the way through the choke, as opposed to other manufacturers who have parallel sections within the choke. This means the longer the choke, the longer and more gradual the taper inside the choke which leads to less pellet distortion, a longer shot string, and improved, more consistent, patterns. This means our extended chokes will provide a slightly better pattern, this matters less when the choke system of your gun already has such a long flush choke. People may also prefer flush so that the choke doesn't protrude from the end of the barrel.
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