• Do I need to send in the whole gun or just the barrels?
    You will need to send at least the barrels and action or complete gun. All guns fitted with our multi-choke system are required to be proof tested at The Birmingham Proof House with proof loads and chokes installed.
  • Do these chokes work with Steel shot or non toxic shot?
    All of our chokes work with Steel Shot but we recommend that the maximum choke size for steel is 1/2 Choke. For Non Toxic & Bismuth a maximum 3/4 is advisable.
  • How long does the multi-choking process take?
    The process of multi-choking takes approximately 2 weeks. Whether you drop the gun off or we arrange collection, the work will be carried out to the barrels, then the gun is reproofed at the Proof House and returned back to you.
  • I would like to have my gun multi-choked, what is the process?
    1. Contact us by phone to book your gun in. Our lead times can vary throughout the year, but we aim turn around your gun within two weeks.
    2. Deliver your gun to us. If you aren’t local to us we can arrange for a courier collection from a local registered firearms dealer.
    3. Assessment and Measuring. Upon receipt we measure the barrels to check that the wall thickness will allow us to multi-choke the gun. The measurements are then stored for the production of your chokes and for future reference.
    4. Multi-choking and choke manufacture. We then machine the thread precisely into your barrel, and manufacture bespoke chokes for your gun. Both are done to an exceptionally high standard of accuracy.
    5. Reproof. Your gun will be reproofed at the proof house to ensure the barrel is still safe – this is a legal requirement.
    6. Fit chokes and final finishing. This last stage ensures the chokes fit perfectly in your gun, and are flush with the muzzle.
    7. Delivery of your gun. You can either collect your gun from us, or we can arrange delivery to yourself or a local registered firearms dealer.
  • My gun has been multi-choke modified by you, how do I order additional thin wall chokes?

    You can place an order online for your custom thin wall chokes. We keep a record of the measurements of every gun we have multi-choked so are able to look it up with the gun serial number and make additional chokes. To place an order online visit here and choose the chokes you require, on the product page there is a section to add your gun serial number. Please allow up to 7 days for us to send your custom made chokes.

  • What are TEAGUE Thin Wall Chokes?
    TEAGUE Thin Wall Chokes are a proprietary multi choke system created by us. In order to have these chokes for your gun, your gun will have been modified by ourselves in the past. This modification can only be done to fixed choke guns, if your gun is multi-choked at the manufacturers factory we can no longer multi-choke it ourselves. Thin Wall Chokes are unique in that the wall thickness of the choke is very slim, making the choke light in weight, and barely visible in the barrel when a flush fitting choke is used.
  • Will multi-choking affect the value of my gun?
    Multi-choking is now a common feature of many new guns and favoured by most shooters. We multi-choke many fixed choke guns ranging from the inexpensive to high value best English bespoke guns. When it becomes time to sell the gun, we tend to find that TEAGUE multi-choking actually adds value to the gun compared to similar non multi-choked guns.
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