Aftermarket Chokes

  • My gun has been multi-choke modified by you, how do I order additional thin wall chokes?

    You can place an order online for your custom thin wall chokes. We keep a record of the measurements of every gun we have multi-choked so are able to look it up with the gun serial number and make additional chokes. To place an order online visit here and choose the chokes you require, on the product page there is a section to add your gun serial number. Please allow up to 7 days for us to send your custom made chokes.

  • What are TEAGUE Thin Wall Chokes?
    TEAGUE Thin Wall Chokes are a proprietary multi choke system created by us. In order to have these chokes for your gun, your gun will have been modified by ourselves in the past. This modification can only be done to fixed choke guns, if your gun is multi-choked at the manufacturers factory we can no longer multi-choke it ourselves. Thin Wall Chokes are unique in that the wall thickness of the choke is very slim, making the choke light in weight, and barely visible in the barrel when a flush fitting choke is used.
  • Which choke should I order for my gun?

    Many of the gun manufacturers have different choke systems and ways of identifying which system is on your gun. These can usually be found on the manufacturers website. If you can't determine which choke it is from this, then please view the product images on our website. All of the products on our website have a measurement next to the choke to show the length of the choke. Please compare these images to an existing choke in the gun. Take particular note of the overall length of the internal section of the choke, the thread position and the thread length. If you are still unsure of which choke to order, please send an image of an existing choke next to a ruler or tape measure to [email protected] and we will happily advise if it is a choke model we currently make.

  • Which shotgun choke has the tightest shot pattern?

    The tightest choke is an Extra Full which has a .045" choke, most often used for targets the furthest away

    Other choke sizes can be seen here - Choke Chart

  • Which shotgun choke is the most open?

    Traditionally the most open shotgun choke is a cylinder, which is straight and has no taper.

    We now do a "Super Cylinder" choke which is a negative taper so opens out further towards the end of the choke to create a wider spread of pattern.

    Other choke sizes can be seen here - Choke Chart

  • Will extended chokes pattern better than flush?
    Our chokes have a taper all the way through the choke, as opposed to other manufacturers who have parallel sections within the choke. This means the longer the choke, the longer and more gradual the taper inside the choke which leads to less pellet distortion, a longer shot string, and improved, more consistent, patterns. This means our extended chokes will provide a slightly better pattern, this matters less when the choke system of your gun already has such a long flush choke. People may also prefer flush so that the choke doesn't protrude from the end of the barrel.
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