SKB Chokes

Teague Chokes manufactures shotgun chokes for 12 gauge SKB and SKB Invector systems. They are available in aerospace grade high tensile stainless steel.

Our SKB chokes are precision-engineered on state-of-the-art CNC machinery, and come with our unique Teague Tapered Technology. This means they taper all the way through to provide a smooth transition from end to end for a longer shot string, improved hit rate and consistently even patterns.

We recommend regular care and maintenance of both your gun and SKB chokes for their longevity. To prevent the choke from getting stuck after use, make sure to apply choke grease before inserting them into the barrels.

Gun Manufacturer
  1. SKB (7)
  1. 12g (7)
Choke Type
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  1. Invector (4)

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