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Browse our range of 12 gauge titanium chokes designed for Krieghoff shotguns, including the popular Krieghoff k80.

Our Krieghoff shotgun chokes are precision-engineered using CNC machinery, meet bore size and constriction dimensions, and are hand-inspected to guarantee a perfect fit. But what makes them truly special is that they taper all the way through. This provides a seamless, smooth transition from end to end that delivers consistently even patterns - at any given distance.

This is why our high-quality precision chokes are the preferred choice of shooters in all disciplines. They’re also ideal for clay or skeet shooting enthusiasts, and those shotgun owners looking to improve their hit rate.

The knurling on the extended, ported, super extended and super extended ported chokes allows for easy insertion or removal. That being said, we recommend using our Tapered Teague Choke Key to tighten or remove your Krieghoff chokes.

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