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Teague Chokes manufactures 12 gauge shotgun chokes for the Blaser F3/F16 system.

Precision-engineered using cutting-edge CNC machinery, our Blaser chokes taper all the way through to provide a smooth transition from end-to-end to deliver the very best shotgun pattern at any given distance. This explains why our chokes are the preferred choice of shooters across all disciplines.

Our Blaser Chokes are available in aerospace grade high-tensile stainless steel and titanium, and come in a range of choke types to suit your preference.

We recommend using a Teague choke key to swiftly tighten or remove your Blaser chokes while out in the field or between stands. It’s designed to work with any of our chokes, no matter the brand or type.

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  1. Blaser F3/F16 12g - Ported - Stainless Steel

    The TEAGUE ported choke protrudes from the end of the barrel, adding length to the barrel and providing a longer tapered section in the choke for a more consistent pattern. The vents cut into the extended section allow for gas to escape from the barrel to reduce muzzle flip, whilst the knurling on the top of the choke allows you to change the chokes by hand without a key.

    Manufactured in England from aerospace grade high-tensile stainless steel on state of the art CNC machinery. Our choke dimensions are made to exacting tolerances based on the guns precise bore size and our field-tested constriction dimensions.

    This choke is for the Blaser F3/F16 system. If you are unsure of whether this choke is suitable for your gun, please compare the length of an existing choke and the location of the thread to the product image.

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